Reasons Why You May Need a Website Redesign Service

Our website redesign service can help re-introduce your brand with the added services and functionality. We’ll pay a great attention to the website’s records to avoid losing your old traffic with the redesigned website

Having a website is a great method to reach more clients. However, you should keep on mind that your competitors will be visiting your website regularly. They’ll check what you’re doing and come-up with better solutions to enhance their websites. So, are you keeping up with the competition? You might be thinking that your website may be looking and functioning perfectly. But did you know that with website redesign you can invite old clients to view your new website? That’s a little trick to regain your clients’ trust and keep them on their toes waiting your new updates. Since the customers’ demands and technology are always evolving, a website redesign is compulsory to stay up-to-date. In order to win more clients, your website must function properly to showcase your products and services perfectly.

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When Is The Right Time For Website Redesign?

Factors you’ll need to take into consideration before redesigning your website.

Functionality Issues

Are you planning to add new technology to your website’s functionality? Probably you’re planning to ease the way clients submit inquiries or get a quote. It’s a great strategy to win more business.

Out-dated Design

Website’s visitors will make a decision within the first 5 seconds whether to leave the website or stay. That’s why having a great looking website is essential to get a great first impression, it’s do or die. Accordingly, if your website appear out-dated, it’ll give visitors the impression that the website is not trustworthy.

Navigation and Organization Improvements

Is your business growing? Are you adding additional product lines? Have you established a sales department or booking team to manage your sales? Your website’s navigation and structure is the heartbeat of your website and it’s crucial for visitors to access necessary information.

Out-dated Content

Evergreen content is the dream that will never come true. Out-dated content for businesses selling products and services will prevent the business to grow and prosper.


Selling product and services online is growing these days and managing the competition takes a lot of work. In order to achieve your goals, you’ll need a website redesigned to properly reflect you brand’s identity.

All What You Need From Website Redesign Firm


The website redesign process requires a significant skills and experience to maintain the organic traffic from search engines. Therefore, getting your website redesigned by professional team is all what you need. We will provide you with jaw-dropping results that include but are not limited to:

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Our Approach on Website Redesign

Whenever we deal with a website redesign project, we discuss with business owners what they want to achieve. After identifying the targets that should be met, we kick off the strategic planning process. Ones the plan is done, we share the details with the website owners and take notes of their comments. Also, in terms of functionality enhancement we test the new technology off the website and record the outcome. Finally, ones we have the approval we start implementing the changes and take the redesigned website live.

User Experience Design

UX design is the main focus of website redesign projects, and there’s for a great reason. It is high likely visitors would leave the website if it’s difficult to navigate. Accordingly, the website must be a user-friendly with an easy pathway to navigate and communicate smoothly with visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial in every online presence which we take an extra care of in every website redesign. A website without a proper search engine optimization is just a pretty website that no one heard of. SEO is a great process to boost the ranking and appear in SERP without paying for ads.

Fully Responsive Website

If you’re not happy with losing a considerable chunk of clients, then you should think of a responsive web design. These days, almost 55% of web users are using their smart phones and tablets to browse the web. The use of mobile phone in people’s life has significantly increased. It is playing a major role in people’s daily life. Plus, having an internet connection on mobile phones become a must-have rather than a bonus. Accordingly, people on buses, train or even sitting in the park are using the internet to get their tasks done. So, you must keep in mind that your website must be a mobile-friendly, and that’s what we’re going to help you to achieve.

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